FEETSPEAK is the first story I wrote in my I AM A CHILD trilogy.

Its purpose is to share the healing properties of love, family, friends, and Nature amidst tragic and traumatic circumstances. Patience, understanding, and flexibility all contribute to its process.


Although written on a Fifth and Sixth Grade Reading Level, FEETSPEAK can easily be read aloud to children 8~10 years old.

Each chapter has some Vocabulary words that may need to be defined.  I will be posting a Vocabulary Study to help with that.

Some of its content, due to its seriousness, will need to be guided by an adult.


A very young child looses both parents and becomes a traumatic, or psychogenic mute.

She lives with her grandmother on a small wheat farm without any peers.

She communicates with her body language and her choice of shoes, which her grandmother accepts. They have lived together for 4 years like this.

Your child may wonder if these life decisions by a grown-up are adequate and appropriate. What other actions could have been made that might have had a bigger impact ?


Throughout the story, many different interactions between the characters and their environments influence their behaviors and growth. Here are several of the effective relationships:

family members

new neighbors


community helpers


The changes occurring during the course of the story are gradual, but very powerful and, in the end, effective.



Hopefully, you and yours will find the content of FEETSPEAK’s story  compelling enough for a Book Study. I have created several activity opportunities which I will post on my Blog for further exploration:

                  information text discoveries

                   parental guides

                   language arts studies

                   creativity expressions


Returning to this website’s Blog periodically will give you access to the numerous Activities created for a FEETSPEAK Book Study.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

My next post: informational content on Childhood Mutism