The Theme of a story is the main message you, as the reader, learn about the main character. It is the writer’s thoughts and views s/he wants to share about the world and/or human nature.

 FEETSPEAK’S story contains several Themes interwoven with many different Threads, such as family, friendship, Nature, compassion, and perseverance.

How the main character in FEETSPEAK ~ Cinnamon~ faces her challenges throughout the story is its PRIMARY theme:

  • What are her actions during a variety of situations?
  • How does Cinnamon communicate?
  • What specific things are associated with Cinnamon?
  • What are some facts about her, such as her physical appearance?
  • What do other characters say about Cinnamon?
  • How do they react to her?
  • Does Cinnamon change in the story? How? Why?

 This Activity Unit includes a Vocabulary Study as well as instructions for constructing a Themes and Threads Story Quilt.

Activity Contents

  • Activity  Plan
  • Story Quilt Storage Pocket
  • 24 Theme/Thread Vocabulary Words & Synonyms Cards
  • Theme/Thread Vocabulary Words & Synonyms Answer Sheet
  • Story Quilt Square Templates
  • Story Quilt Square Diagram
  • 22 Story Quilt Square Samples

You will need a variety of Materials to complete this Activity. Some are optional, depending on how you want to construct your Story Quilt.

 Materials List

Here is the main list:

  • cardstock
  • printing paper
  • heavy tape and/or stapler
  •  scissors (plain or decorative)
  • rubber bands or clips
  • post-its
  • pencil
  • glue stick
  • poster board

I do have a few Ideas and Suggestions for creating this Story Quilt for FEETSPEAK.

Ideas & Suggestions

You can build your Story Quilt in several ways:

  • Glue completed paper Squares to a piece of poster board.
  • Print Squares on cardstock, hole-punch & use yarn to make the quilt.
  • Use paper Squares to glue onto cut-out cardstock squares.
  • Choose a Theme with Squares that support it.
  • Make a Quilt about one character or one action sequence or setting.
  • Select colors/patterns to reflect the mood or idea of the Square.

    So, if creating a Story Quilt sounds like fun, you can download this 40-page PDF by clicking on the link below:

    FTSPK Story Quilt

    IMAGE CREDITS are included in the Activity Unit.

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