The Sequence of a Story can be told in several ways. The order of a story can be explained exactly as the reader is reading the content OR it can be told as a Time Line of Events.

This activity allows you to relate the story of FEETSPEAK in either form. I will tell you there are several “Back-Stories” included, so how you decide to present the Sequence is up you. Tell it both ways and see which one you prefer.

Before you get started, I’m going to tell you what it included in this Activity.



The Contents included in this FEETSPEAK Reading Activity are:

  • a Storage Pocket
  • 32 Sequence Sentence Cards
  • 5 Answer Cards
  • 12 Blank Sequence Cards
  • a Blank Other Important Events Card

Next, I will give you a list of the Materials you will need to Construct this Activity.



The Materials Needed for this Activity are:

  • white card-stock for printing the Storage Pocket & Sequence Sentence Cards
  •   stapler & heavy binding tape for securing the parallel open sides of the Pocket
  • printing paper for copying the Answer Cards
  • scissors & rubber bands for cutting out the Cards and keeping them organized

The Instructions for making this Activity are written on the Storage Pocket.

Finally, I share a few ideas on how to Sequence your Cards.



There are several different ways you can Sequence your Cards:

Before reading the FEETSPEAK story, read the Sequence Sentence Cards and predict how you think the events will happen.

You can lay out the Sequence Sentence Cards and read them after you finish reading the story. Then, arrange them in  Beginning, Middle & Ending piles.

You can lay out the Sequence Sentence Cards and look for  the Cards that match each Chapter after reading it.

After reading each Chapter, you may want to include an Important Event that is not among the 32 Sequence Sentence Cards.

Make Before and After Label Cards to help you arrange the Events in a Time Line.

You can do some or all of these Sequences to help you understand and increase your comprehension of FEETSPEAK. It may help you with the other Activities I will be including in the Blog.


  I hope you found this post helpful in some way. If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns, you can email me by clicking on the Contact Me link on this website’s Navigation Bar.

You can access the PDF for FEETSPEAK’s Sequence Activity by clicking on this link:

FTSPK Sequence

IMAGE CREDITS:  Samuel Jimenez, Kei Rothblack, Clicker Free Images & Open Clip Art

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