Adding new words to your Vocabulary has more than a few Benefits:

  • They improve your Understanding of what you’re Reading.
  • They help increase your Language Growth.
  • They promote your Communication Skills
  • They  upgrade your Written Expressions.

This Vocabulary Study for FEETSPEAK will provide you with many opportunities to discover and, then, use a LOT of New Words!

  I chose 10 words from each Chapter I think you will want to use when speaking , reading, and writing. You may already know some of them!

Here’s a List of all the Activities included in this Vocabulary Study for FEETSPEAK.


These are the Activities included:

  • Parts of Speech Label Cards
  • Vocabulary Storage Pocket
  • Words To Know List Template & Cards Fill~In Diagram
  • Vocabulary Word Graphic Organizer Diagram & Blank Template
  • Blank Vocabulary Word & Definition Cards
  • Vocabulary Word Lists by Chapter & Page Numbers
  • Vocabulary Word Sentences Blank Template
  • Vocabulary Words Alphabetical Order Blank Template
  • Parts of Speech 
  • Sorting Rules
  • Answer Cards
  • Noun or Verb ? Vocabulary Word Page Locations & Answer Sheets

Next, I will give you a list of the Materials you will need to complete the Activities in this 30-page Vocabulary Study.


  • You will need several sheets of white card-stock & printing paper for the Storage Pocket,  Vocabulary Cards and your responses.
  •  If you want to make a Master copy of this Unit, you’ll need a 3-hole and/or single hole-punch, binding (coil, comb, O-ring, stapler) to make a folder using the Front & Back Covers.
  • Rubber bands, large paper clips, glue stick, and  pencil are the other supplies you’ll need.
  • A Reference resource for looking up words if you get stuck, like a Dictionary or Thesaurus.

Construction Instructions and the Activity Sequence are included, too.

Finally, I do have a few ideas to help you learn some new words for adding them to your Vocabulary.


Here are some ideas to help you along your Vocabulary Study of FEETSPEAK:

  • Attach sticky notes to the pages of the words you want to explore. Make to write the words down on the sticky note, too.
  • Try to discover the word (s) meanings by using Context Clues.
  • You don’t need to define EVERY word you don’t understand.
  • Choose words you want to use in conversations with others.
  • You may want to choose different words to use in your written expressions.

There are 120 Vocabulary Words included. Add (or subtract) words you feel you will use .

I hope you found this post helpful in some way. If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns, you can email me by clicking on the Contact Me link on this website’s Navigation Bar.

You can access the PDF of FEETSPEAK’s Vocabulary Study by clicking on the link below:


IMAGE CREDITS: Alina 777L, Alexandra Garcia, Suzanne Zeiler & Clicker Free Images